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New Tab: A Novel (Vehicule Press, 2014)

Excerpt here

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Featured by Dazed & Confused here

Featured by The Gazette here

Featured by Alt Citizen here

Set in Montreal, New Tab spans a year in the life of a twenty-six year old videogame designer as he attempts to reset his life, in the process chronicling with humor disillusion, boredom, self-destruction, Facebook chats, Concordia University, bilingualism, good parties, bad parties, a backyard cinema, social anxiety and running a possibly illegal DIY venue.

“Canada's Alt Lit poster boy”
-Dazed & Confused

“New Tab astutely captures the ennui, isolation, and disengagement of a generation that has been emotionally dismantled by the Internet, then set adrift in a world in which everything is connected and everyone is alone.”
-Quill & Quire, May 2014

“Weird, poetic, funny and original… I tore threw it.”
-Jonathan Goldstein (host of WireTap on CBC Radio One)

“Deeply funny, smart, and relatable”
-Alt Citizen

“What makes New Tab so uncannily effective, even moving, is the way Morissette manages to wring emotion out of a cast of people afraid to show their feelings, and how it takes a scene defined by inertia and invests it with unstoppable narrative momentum.”
-The Gazette

“Nails the charms and frustrations of a city subsisting on after-hours DJ gigs and backyard film screenings, stealing wifi to get online long enough to pay impossibly high hydro bills.”
-Jill Murray (Narrative Director at Ubisoft)

"New Tab reads like a Snapchat: a short moment in our lives that disappears as quickly as it came, but leaves us with all the feelings."
-The Book Stylist

"A quietly witty novel set in an up to the moment Montreal."

“In this hilarious novel, Morissette meditates on finding and making meaning in a time when distractions coalesce to form the new and glossy void. The deconstruction of regrets, an email with feelings and the screaming universe cement Morissette as both a master of the absurd and a seer of the real. I lol’d.”
-Melissa Broder (author of Meat Heart)

“Set in a Montreal as vividly its own as Richler’s, Morissette’s fresh and original generational take brims with uncommon observations, understood character and abundantly happy-sad situations. A terrific read and a shining souvenir.”
-David McGimpsey (author of Li’l Bastard)

* Cover by David Drummond