Guillaume Morissette

New Tab: A Novel (Vehicule Press, 2014)

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Set in Montreal, New Tab spans a year in the life of a twenty-six year old videogame designer as he attempts to reset his life, in the process chronicling with humor disillusion, boredom, self-destruction, Facebook chats, Concordia University, bilingualism, good parties, bad parties, a backyard cinema, social anxiety and running a possibly illegal DIY venue.

Written in a simple yet bold and astonishing style, New Tab is a profoundly intimate tale of self-reinvention and ambiguous relationships. A sharp, funny, modern novel from one of the most unique new writers in Canada.

“In this hilarious novel, Morissette meditates on finding and making meaning in a time when distractions coalesce to form the new and glossy void. The deconstruction of regrets, an email with feelings and the screaming universe cement Morissette as both a master of the absurd and a seer of the real. I lol’d.”
-Melissa Broder (author of Meat Heart)

“Weird, poetic, funny and original… I tore threw it.”
-Jonathan Goldstein (author of I’ll Seize The Day Tomorrow and host of WireTap on CBC Radio One)

“Set in a Montreal as vividly its own as Richler’s, Morissette’s fresh and original generational take brims with uncommon observations, understood character and abundantly happy-sad situations. A terrific read and a shining souvenir.”
-David McGimpsey (author of Li’l Bastard)

* Cover by David Drummond


I Am My Own Betrayal (Maison Kasini, 2012)

Email relationships, owl people, awkwardness, Facebook, groundhogs, terrible personal decisions, videogames, coping mechanisms, girly arms, cat seizures, etc.

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"One of our favorite writers"

"[Perfect Rating]"
I am alt lit

"An exciting writer poised for a breakout"
The Chronicle Herald

"A master of the tragicomic one-liner"
Maisonneuve Magazine

"An incredibly unique bounty of writing"
Broken Pencil

"Morissette’s characters are weird, unsexy and desperate to both hide themselves and be seen"
Trop Magazine

"A vibrant collection that simmer with a singular sense of askew humor'

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* Cover by Celia Spenard-Ko